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Elevate your organisation with leadership that shines and inspires

The aim of all our solutions is to help leaders and people managers gain vital skills that let them effectively navigate complex, demanding or stressful work situations, and thrive.


All our programmes combine science-based tools with powerful mind training practices and fresh leadership thinking. It’s a 3-tiered approach that builds vital skills from the ground up.

Our aim is always the health of your organisation. The number one determinant of job satisfaction and performance is the relationship between managers and their teams. So we focus on helping leaders realise their potential to lead with their full humanity and achieve great results.


Programmes invariably bring positive outcomes. Surprising insights abound. Connectedness among participants strengthens. Results are life-changing and felt across the entire organisation.

All programmes are offered both in person and online, in English or French.

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Effective tools for emotional resilience


Brain Boost

Healthy habits for peak performance


Leadership & Care

Leadership skills that inspire and drive results

Our Programmes

Executive Coaching

Helping leaders think more creatively and lead more powerfully

Executive coaching supports leaders to achieve their highest aspirations. We take an innovative approach that incorporates the neuroscience of positive change. Leaders improve the way they think, problem solve and interact with peers and teams.


Blind spots become fresh insights that lead to more constructive habits and ways of approaching challenges. It’s a rewarding process that brings out leaders’ best human qualities and most inspiring leadership skills.


Other Solutions

We offer a range of individual and group solutions that incorporate mindfulness principles to help participants excel as leaders, professionals, athletes and parents. Programmes include:

Bespoke trainings and courses for business schools and universities

Mindfulness and Peak Performance workshops for athletes and sports clubs

MBSR and MBCT trainings 

Wellness retreats

Mindful Parenting programmes 

Our Clients

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