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Who we are

Our mission is to help leaders and teams to access and leverage their ability to be present, sharp, caring, creative and fully human in the role of leadership, so that they may truly flourish in work and in life.

What We Value


We aim to elevate leaders so they lead with their best human qualities – even in the face of complex and demanding situations. The outcome results in a workplace that is filled with meaning, connectedness and care.


Curiosity is the starting point for harnessing the mind’s potential. Our programmes activate a sense of curiosity about how the mind works and how it shapes our experience.

This leads to more creative and innovative thinking.


We approach people and situations with simplicity and strive to bring freshness, openness and presence to everything we do. It is a mindset we do our best to embody.

It is the essence of what we bring to companies and help them to cultivate internally. 


Our work environment is positive, hivelike and collaborative. Diverse points of view are encouraged and explored.

This sense of collaboration extends to our clients, whose feedback is always solicited and enriches our programmes and sharpens our interventions.

Our Team

We are a cohesive team with decades of experience in international corporate leadership, meditation and performance coaching. We work with heart and genuine care. We all share a commitment to practice what we teach.

Our aim is to deliver impact for our clients. We facilitate personal and organisational transformation that improves the way companies function internally and impact the world externally. 

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Mathieu Gerardin

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Mathieu is passionate about meditation and coaching and has led Mindfield for the past ten years. He has facilitated a range of programmes across Europe and Africa, including a series of trainings at the London Business School.

Mathieu held leadership roles for 15 years. He was CFO of the EGEO Group (800 employees, €70M turnover) where he also sat on the board of directors.

He has a background in Mathematics and Business Engineering and holds an MSc from Centrale Paris and an MBA from the University of Cambridge. Mathieu is a certified coach specialised in neuroscience and a mindfulness instructor (MBSR, ACT). He has been practicing meditation and yoga for over two decades.

Lucy Gerardin

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Lucy has over 15 years of experience in the financial services, technology and non-profit sectors. She draws on her corporate management experience and long-standing meditation practice when working with organisations. She is passionate about facilitating transformation from the inside out to help leaders and teams unlock their full potential.

Lucy holds a Marketing Management degree from IMM South Africa. She is a trained Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) instructor with the UC San Diego Center for Mindfulness. She is a Search Inside Yourself ENGAGE alumni (Google) and a certified Iyengar yoga instructor. 

Albin Hamard

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Albin has been teaching body-mind awareness techniques for more than 15 years. He works with professional athletes, university students and corporate managers, helping them better manage stress, optimize their energy and effort and improve their experience of life and work.

Albin has a PhD in Cognitive Anthropology based on a survey of meditative practices across 4 continents. He has been on the faculty of the University of Orléans since 2006 and is the co-author of several books on body ecology and mindfulness practices. Albin is himself an avid meditator and also Class V kayaker who has led expeditions in Africa, South America and Europe. 

Arnaud Lacaille

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Arnaud has been teaching at the University of Orléans for 15 years. He provides training to people working in education, management and care professions. The main objective of his work is to motivate positive action, by helping professionals to better align their actions with the ethics of care.  


Arnaud holds a master's degree in Ergonomics and a PhD in Educational Science. He publishes articles and speaks at conferences on the themes of vulnerability and care.

Mathieu Geradin
Lucy Gerardin
Albin Hamard
Arnaud Lacaille
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