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Brain Boost

Healthy habits for optimal performance

Develop habits that boost vitality, strengthen psychological well-being and help you flourish even during challenging times


The Brain Boost programme is designed to facilitate lasting change in the way participants engage, work and live. It combines best practices and current findings from neuroscience, mindfulness, coaching, and social psychology with practical exercises and group interactions.

A supportive and engaging structure helps participants understand brain function and map out lifelong habits that will improve focus, boost moods and increase vitality.

Course Content


How the Brain


Mental Fitness begins with a practical presentation of the neuroscience behind maintaining a healthy brain. Participants come to understand how to care for their brains based on 7 key activities.

Image by Paul Skorupskas

Optimising Brain Function

Participants explore the 7 activities of a balanced mental diet that are vital to optimal brain function: sleep, physical exercise, focus, self-reflection, recreation, down time and social connections. They reflect on how each one impacts their performance.

Image by Tarryn Myburgh

How to Sleep Better

This session explores effective sleep practices that boost psychological well-being. Participants practice a sleep recovery protocol developed by neuroscientists for the military that can recover 1.5 hours of lost sleep in just 15 minutes.



Participants develop a healthy habits roadmap aimed at accomplishing realistic goals. We explore the impact of habits on achieving peak performance. Participants can team up with a peer or coach for accountability. A follow-up after three months reveals the impact of new habits.

Bring Brain Boost
to your organisation

What happens when we devote a full month to our brain?

Executive functioning improves

That means increased focus, better organizational and time management skills and more creativity.

We are more

The mind becomes more flexible, so it’s easier to recover mental balance after setbacks.

Performance stabilises

We maintain a calm and clear mind – even under pressure.

We sleep

Energy increases and sleep improves. Overwork, anxiety and depression diminish.

Relationships improve

We realise the importance of investing in relationships as a means to living more meaningful and harmonious lives.

Work-life balance
is restored

Self-awareness and new habits restore work-life balance and bring sustainable engagement.

Programme Structure

All our programmes are flexible and bespoke. We incorporate selected elements in a way that best meets your organisation’s objectives and requirements. Our aim is to facilitate sustainable change that impacts your organisation in the most positive way. 

Program offerings can include: 


In-person or live online sessions are delivered in flexible modules. Sessions are highly interactive and combine practical exercises, dynamic group activities and experiential practices.

+ Support

Individual sessions are facilitated by a performance coach. This provides participants the opportunity to discuss more personal topics in a confidential setting.​​

Daily Workouts

Short, effective daily exercises and practices that help attendees train their most important muscle. 


Customised modules, sessions and coaching solutions focused on specific topics such as: 

  • Mindfulness

  • Science of sleep

  • Sports coaching

  • Yoga at work

  • Nutritional therapy

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