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Leadership & Care

Leadership that inspires, motivates and drive results

Vital principles and tools that help leaders to build strong connections and more engaged teams.

Programme Overview

Care is the art of connection. It is the practice of being motivated by concern for others. Care gives direction to our actions and brings purpose to our lives. When we infuse even the smallest daily tasks with care, we connect more positively with others and lead much more powerfully. 


Research now points to care as fundamental to organisation-wide motivation, efficiency and loyalty. The Leadership & Care programme incorporates neuroscience research and Spinoza’s groundbreaking philosophy to demonstrate the powerful impact of a care-based approach.

Participants explore simple yet transformative tools that help them become extremely tactful leaders that promote  personal development and improve organisational cohesiveness.

The single most important factor in employee job satisfaction is a positive relationship with one’s manager

— McKinsey & Company —

Course Content

Relational intelligence and care have gone from being nice-to-have skills to being leadership must-haves that drive business results and ensure organisational well-being.

The Leadership & Care programme combines essential principles, core practices and exercises that boost engagement and infuse organisations with a sense of purpose. Here’s what’s inside:


The How and Why

of Care

  • Mindset of care and its ripple effect across organisations

  • Relational intelligence in action Understanding our impact on others

  • Spinoza on empowerment Improving our capacity to engage constructively

  • Small acts. Big impact. How everyday expressions of care create transformation


Fostering a Culture of Care

  • Meaningful interactions Connecting more powerfully with others

  • Working with vulnerabilities Leveraging care to bring more authenticity

  • Developing relational intelligence Acknowledgement, attention, tact, gratitude and other pillars of care


Truly Outstanding Leadership

  • Clarifying values Building credibility and leading from integrity

  • Cultivating purpose Helping teams cultivate autonomous motivation and find meaning

  • Leading from authenticity Inviting one’s full humanity to the work of leadership

Bring Leadership & Care
to your organisation

Programme Benefits

When an organisation integrates a culture of care, employees feel a greater sense of meaning. They are more likely to work harder, take on challenging tasks, collaborate more effectively and enjoy better mental and physical health.

The Care & Leadership programme enables leaders to:

Communicate more clearly and effectively

Inspire teams
and get them engaged and involved

Lead from a place
of values
and integrity

Provide others the support and coaching they need

Build strong connections at work and in the world

Help teams
feel motivated from within

Programme Structure

All our programmes are flexible and bespoke. We incorporate selected elements in a way that best meets your organisation’s objectives and requirements. Our aim is to facilitate sustainable change that impacts your organisation in the most positive way.

Program offerings can include:


In-person or live online sessions delivered in flexible modules. These highly interactive sessions combine hands-on exercises, dynamic group activities and experiential practices that bring the materials to life..


Sessions are facilitated by a professional coach. This provides participants the opportunity to discuss more personal topics in a confidential setting.​​


Short, effective daily exercises and practices that help attendees put the practice of care into action in their daily lives.


Customised modules, sessions and coaching solutions focused on specific topics such as:

  • Providing Feedback

  • Effective Listening

  • Gratitude

  • Mindfulness

Bring Leadership & Care
to your organisation

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