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Trainings that transform teams from the inside out

Mindfield helps organisations become truly extraordinary by facilitating insightful learning exchanges that bring out the very best in your leaders and teams.
Our Focus

A clear mind is an agile and constructive mind

Our Focus

All our solutions use the mind as a starting point because it is the mind that shapes our experience, our actions and how we connect with those around us. 

At Mindfield, we help leaders and teams understand how to work with their minds. They become more resilient and focused in the face of pressures and complex challenges. Their most positive human qualities –such as care and empathy– emerge. And this is what makes an organisation truly outstanding. 

Our focus

Key Skills

Our trainings help leaders and teams develop vital skills sets, such as:
Key Skills

Peak Performance

A balanced mental diet fuels the brain’s executive functions. It’s key for peak performance, positivity and creativity.

We help leaders and teams develop habits that optimise their time and energy and foster a healthy work-life balance.

Inspiring Leadership

When leaders lead with care, workplaces are imbued with a sense of meaning and connectedness.

We help organisations become truly human places where people love to work. And that’s a very powerful driver of business results.    


Mindfulness is a learnable ability to be fully aware of what’s going inside and around us, without getting lost in reactions and distractions.

It is fundamental to clear decision-making and effective management so we build it into all our solutions.

Emotional Resilience

Our solutions help managers and teams to be better listeners, to express themselves more clearly and manage their own emotions  in times of change.

The result is an organisation that enjoys more engagement, motivation and collaboration.


Practical science-based approach

We use science’s best techniques – proven practices that help people understand, develop and fine-tune their minds every day.

Science-based approach

Why Mindfield?

Experience. Insight.

Our approach is unique. We practice what we propose, so we know results are achievable. The elements we combine in all our interventions have proven to be effective, fun and life-changing for participants.

Why Mindfield
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